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Healthy fats in keto – An Introduction
keto mealsPresent say people are showing more interest on the keto diet because of its healthy qualities of the keto high fat foods and also there is increasing number of obese people in the world. This diet is very low in the carbohydrates and very much high in the fats and the protein content is moderate. The best foods for the ketogenic diet are high in the fats. We can divide like it contains fat of seventy five percent, twenty percent of the protein and the remaining five percent is the carbohydrates. If you are looking for the high-quality fat, then the top marks is the dairy and this includes the cheese which is the aged one like cheddar and re lactose free naturally and this serves as the great addition in the diet of the keto.

Dairy fats

Cheese consists of many nutrients which are the essential ones like the potassium, protein and the calcium. The healthy choice of the fat is from the diary. This is the star macro in the keto diet. If you are going to eat the fat in the higher amounts, then the healthy fat will allow you to enter the process called as the ketosis and thereby the process of the burning will occur for the ketones and this is rather than that of the glucose for the energy.

Types of fats

Fats are considered as the detrimental for decades on promoting the wellness and the health will lead to the guidelines of the low-fat diet. At present the research is showing that the fat is helping in the promotion of the weight loss besides being the necessary component of the diet which is healthy. There are two kinds of fats, the good ones and the bad ones, the categories can be termed as the saturated ones and the unsaturated fats.
The unsaturated will further break into poly unsaturated and the monounsaturated. These saturated fats are solid when been at the room temperature and this is because of the chemical structure and these come from the animal sources like steak, bacon etc. these will improve the LDL and HDL cholesterol levels and will maintain the bone density.

Grass fed meat and coconut oil also will come under this. When we talk about the unsaturated fatty acids they are liquid state at the room temperature. MUFAs contains one double bond which will make them at room temperature in the liquid state and PUFAs contain several double bonds in their structure. The sources of the healthy monounsaturated fatty acids are virgin olive oil, and these are related to good cholesterol and provide the better insulin resistance and they hep in reducing the belly fat and reduction of the risk of the heart disease.
Avocados and the avocado oil which can be used in abundance in the ketogenic diet. These are filled with the dietary fibre magnesium and the potassium. When it comes to almonds they are also contain the healthy fats and they benefit for the cardiovascular system and will reduce the risk of the diabetes.